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Password Policy

In order to better protect the campus computing infrastructure and the information of our constituents, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will soon implement a campus wide password policy that aligns with industry best practices. This affects faculty and staff accounts used for logging into campus computers, accessing printers and file shares, using campus wireless and email. All faculty and staff users will be required to change passwords every 120 days and use passwords that meet industry standards for complexity. In preparation for this change, a new password management software has been installed that allows users the self-service ability to reset and unlock their password even after expiration. In order to utilize the password management software, enrollment is first required. Please review the password policy requirements and enroll your account at your earliest convenience using the link:


Password Management Software link:

For instructions for using this software, click here.


During enrollment, you will be asked to specify four secret question/answer sets and to specify an alternate email to receive a password reset/unlock verification message. This process should only take a few minutes. While there is no need to change your password as part of the enrollment, once the password policy is implemented all accounts with passwords older than 120 days will immediately expire.  Everyone, especially off-campus users, is highly encouraged to enroll prior to implementation of the policy. 

Implementation of the policy will begin in the very near future, and you will be notified when the password policy will be applied to your account.

The new rules for the creation of complex and secure passwords are located at this link:

Lastly, if you are aware of accounts that are used for critical system and application management, please notify OIT with the account name and usage. These accounts will be reviewed and given special consideration during the password policy implementation process.  Please note that expiration of accounts used specifically for the operation of various application software may cause disruptions of these applications if they aren’t identified and handled separately.

Thank you in advance for assisting OIT in making our campus more secure.  If you have any issues or questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact the OIT Help Desk at, or by phone at 931-221-4357. 


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