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Services related to password management, email access, and OneStop.
Support for multimedia equipment including projectors, document cameras, TV displays, SmartBoards and control systems.
Desktops, laptops, printers, tablets, other hardware issues and quotes.
Services related to D2L and online/innovative learning pedagogy.
Outlook, Office 365, Email, and Calendar requests and issues.
Banner, UC4, Nolij, Argos, Workflow, Drupal, and other third party application support
Security assessment, technical account requests, antivirus, phishing.
Requests for university-licensed software and quotes.
Telephone, voicemail, and communication services on campus.
Wired and wireless network access and remote access to on-campus resources.
IT Project Request and Consultations
Use to request changes or edits to the APSU website.

Services (1)

Capital Project Request

Requests for consultation to determine if estimates, design, and/or construction are needed.